• 32 way overload protection rudder control board controller robot control diy pannel
  • 32 way overload protection rudder control board controller robot control diy pannel

32 way overload protection rudder control board controller robot control diy pannel

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1, the 32 road rudder control has PS2 wireless handle interface design, with a single steering gear function (with the handle), to make its function more powerful!
Add overload protection and low voltage alarm two functions.
(the screw in the blue terminal, the cross and the typeface, the random delivery.)
The size of the rudder plate is 50MMX60MM, and the hole position is 44MMX54MM
2. Brief introduction of the main functions:
A, this rudder controller can debug the steering gear on line, you can save the download action group and realize the offline operation! The host computer software can provide 128 (0-127) groups of action groups, in which each action can also save 256 actions, enough for your use!
B, the servo controller can communicate with other microcontroller, baud rate is 115200. MCU can controller to send instructions to the other, so that your robot can realize intelligent control, such as voice tracking, obstacle avoidance, etc..
C, this rudder controller can be remote-controlled with the PS2 handle, without programming, you can use the buttons on the handle to call you to download a good action group.
D. adds the steering gear tuning function with the handle to facilitate the control of a manipulator with 6 degrees of freedom or less than 6 degrees of freedom. Just press the button, the corresponding rudder is turning or reversing, and the control of the manipulator is no longer a trouble!
E. overload protection functions, No. 0, No. 1, 16, 17, this 4 road with 1.5A overload protection, play the arm of the friend, can choose to connect in these ways.
F. low voltage alarm function. When the VSS terminal voltage is lower than 7V, the buzzer will send out a dripping sound, which reminds you that you need to charge the battery, and the control panel stops working to protect your lithium battery and avoid the occurrence of over discharging.
3, interface specification
This link is the control board 1 pieces + data line 1, does not contain the handle
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